Customs clearance

Customs clearance department offer service connected with export and import of goods from and to the Czech republic. We ensure issuing of export and import customs documentation /JCD, JCDd customs declaration, EUR 1 / EUR 2, another important / and on behalf of our clients we negotiate individual export or import cases direct with Customs office. We can also ensure issuing of transit document T1/T2 with our guarantee valid from Czech republic to the folowing countries /all countries of EU, Switzerland, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary/. These our service are provided in accordance with valid Customs law ant its amendments. We try to provide professional service with puting special emphasis on quality, flexibility, reliability, security and good prices.

Employee Phone Fax E-mail Mobile
K. Koukolová +420 317 799 941 +420 317 799 949 +420 737 230 225
Martin Klepl +420 317 799 911 +420 317 799 939 +420 737 230 210